The City of Rancho Cucamonga is pleased to provide high speed broadband internet service at affordable prices to Rancho Cucamonga businesses and residents.

Leaders of the City recognize fiber-optic infrastructure is an important part of the Rancho Cucamonga community. They understand that in today’s world, connectivity affects every aspect of our community - whether in municipal operations, public safety, education, healthcare, quality of life, entertainment and commerce.

Today this infrastructure plays a crucial role in Rancho Cucamonga, not only in economic development, but will be pivotal in the long term sustainability and future planning of the City.

RCMU Fiber has arrived.


The City is proud to partner with Inyo Networks as its retail internet service provider, delivering gigabit speed internet for the City’s Fiber Optic Master Plan. With their main office located in Rancho Cucamonga, Inyo Networks is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) based in California and Nevada and is currently responsible for over 280,000 miles of fiber optics.

The City constructs, owns and maintains the physical broadband infrastructure which is managed by the Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility.


Fiber Optic Master Plan

In September 2017, the City Council approved the Fiber Optic Master Plan that authorized staff to establish the framework and infrastructure necessary to implement the goal of providing gigabit broadband service to the business community as well as future fiber-to-the-premise projects.

The City’s existing network fiber infrastructure includes 25 miles of up to 96 strand backbone fiber optic cable and associated conduit serving more than 14 city facilities throughout the City, as well as over 5 miles of vacant fiber conduit. Additionally, there is 39 miles of existing traffic conduit, which together incorporates almost 70 miles of existing fiber conduit throughout the City.

Phase 1 implements a six year capital investment plan in which conduit gaps between City and traffic conduits will be connected and expansion of the conduit infrastructure to key strategic areas throughout the City.