Fiber gives your business a competitive edge above the rest.

Through this community’s leading-edge broadband services, prospective businesses and site selectors can be assured that they can locate and remain in Rancho Cucamonga with robust access to the digital world. As businesses rely more and more on the internet for ongoing operations, having the fastest available data speed is a necessity.

With upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit, you will operate your business better. You can simultaneously run business applications, company websites, transfer and share large files, run cloud applications and improve customer experiences with faster speeds in both directions. As high demands are put on your network, the speed does not decrease which is essential for productivity.


Switching to Fiber Connectivity



Available and affordable high-speed broadband is key for attracting and retaining desirable businesses, customers and facilities. RCMU Fiber brings up to 1 GBps upload and download speeds and enough bandwidth to power all of your business devices.



Each of Rancho Cucamonga’s key industries such as administrative, education, manufacturing, retail, transportation and warehousing all have their own unique needs regarding high-speed connectivity. RCMU Fiber has service plans to meet your individual business needs.



RCMU Fiber is committed to offering a fiber-optic broadband network that is secure and stable. The network operations center managed by Inyo Networks is built to make sure we never lose connection.

Business / Commercial Pricing

Internet Services

100 Mbps (Best Effort): $69.95/Month

1 Gbps (Best Effort): $295/Month

100 Mbps (Dedicated): $350/Month

1 Gbps (Dedicated): $1,295/Month

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Each Line: $30/Month

Fax: $35/Month

Toll-Free: $35/Month

Lit Transport

1 Gbps point to point: $500/Month

10 Gbps point to point: $1,500/Month

RCMU Fiber believes fiber optic infrastructure can provide the foundation to inspire new ways of doing business and greater success.

Currently, RCMU Fiber is being offered to new developments where the fiber optic infrastructure has been installed during construction. The City is also utilizing the existing fiber optic cable and associated conduit to fill network gaps to build out the network to be more accessible to business commercial areas. We will update this website as more areas in the City become accessible to RCMU Fiber.

If you would like to learn more about RCMU Fiber Business services in your area, please fill out the Interest Form below and an Inyo Networks representative will contact you.

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