What is RCMU Fiber?

  • RCMU Fiber is internet service powered by Inyo Networks and is a fiber optic technology that provides ultra-fast upload and download speeds and bandwidth to support all of your devices.

Why is RCMU Fiber only available in certain areas?

  • RCMU Fiber is currently being offered to new developments where the fiber optic infrastructure has been installed during construction. As Phase 1 of the Fiber Optic Master Plan progresses, the City will be utilizing its existing 70 miles of fiber optic cable and/or associated conduits to fill network gaps where more business commercial areas and existing residential areas may be added.

How fast is the internet speed?

  • Up to 1GBps (Gigabit Per Second) will be offered.

Who is the Internet Service Provider?

  • Inyo Networks will operate and service RCMU Fiber. Inyo Networks is a certified Competitive Local Exchange Carrier that provides competitive broadband services in California and Nevada with numerous public and private sector clients.