Experience internet at the speed of light.

You can now enjoy high speed broadband in your home with RCMU Fiber. The fiber optic connectivity will support any service that runs over the internet such as TV, streaming, gaming, and home computing to name a few.

With RCMU Fiber you can get up to 1 GBps (gigabit per second), allowing you to download a 2 hour HD movie in minutes or even seconds. It also allows you to have multiple devices running simultaneously with no reduction in the internet speed.



Inyo Networks is offering up to 1 gigabit of fiber internet services for homeowners in select new developments. Surf the web and stream movies with this super fast Internet service.



Inyo offers an all digital TV service. Choose from 2 packages.

  • Basic - 30 channels which has all of the local channels for news, sports and current events; or

  • Premium - 270+ channels which includes the local channels as well as national channels, movie and specialty channels.


Home Phone

Get crystal clear voice calls all over the nation at one low price with Inyo’s Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone service. The service includes:

  • Unlimited local and nationwide calling.

  • Caller ID

  • 3-Way Calling

  • Free porting

Residential Pricing

Internet Service

1 Gbps (Best Effort): $69.95/Month

Video/TV Service

(Internet Service Required)

Basic: $39.95/Month

Premium: $99.95/Month

Additional Set-top Box: $5.00/Month

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

(Internet Service Required)

Phone Service: $9.95/Month

RCMU Fiber is currently being offered to new developments where the fiber infrastructure has been installed during construction. As Phase 1 of the Fiber Optic Master Plan progresses, the City will utilize its existing 70 miles of fiber optic cable and/or associated conduits to fill network gaps where existing residential areas may be added and fiber optic service will be more readily available to more communities in Rancho Cucamonga.

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Day creek square

Located at the southwest corner of Base Line Road and Day Creek Boulevard.


Terra vista (the row/Bungalows)

Located at the southeast corner of Haven Avenue and Church Street.